Children’s Lingerie: Cute? Or, just plain wrong?

Not so long ago there was an article on about a 10-year-old French model, Thylane Blondeau that was causing controversy with the good ol’ Americans. Why do you say she’s raised our eyebrows? Well, it was her recent photo shoot for French Vogue in which she’s made up like a grown woman, stiletto clad and all. This trend now has people asking: “Has the fashion industry taken it too far with the youth obsession?”.  Not only that, but people are attacking Blondeau’s career and criticizing how she has modeled topless (gasp!). While the topless thing is really a cultural issue that the French see absolutely nothing wrong with (I mean, there’s really nothing there to see), people are really outraged. The New York Daily News wrote:

Such images also raise concerns about child predators, Paul Miller, an associate professor of psychology at Arizona State University, told ABC, “Any creepy child pornographer could plead ‘artistic license’”, Miller said.

You can read some of the reactions here.

Now, the other thing that’s raising eyebrows is a new Lingerie Company… for little girls. Yes, Jours Après Lunes makes “loungerie” (thats what happens when lounge wear and lingerie make a baby). The concept doesn’t really bother me as much as the photographs for their catalog do. Little girls as young as four modeling matching bras and panties with large bouncy hair and strands of pearls hanging from their little necks. Well, you be the judge.



My question is: why aren’t people just as outraged about Child Pageants… now those I think are creepy and just wrong! I mean, how is this any better??