I <3 NY

The empire state building’s first LED light show happened two nights ago….



Vino & Amigos

This took a while to post and not because  I couldn’t, I have just been the laziest for no reason. Let’s just say it was a creative block but I owe it to my friends to relive our day at the vineyards. It was a perfect September weekend filled with laughs, booze, a wedding, and great weather. My two girlfriends who I love and have known since we were Girl Scouts were born one day apart and decided this was the year to celebrate with a wine tour in Long Island. We started early and met downtown for our 8 hour tour.

Do I even need to say we had a great time?

9am mimosa making


With one birthday girl


Birthday girl no.2


Mingas… falta una


I’m missing this weather as we get ready for winter… BUT… I’m excited for the holiday celebrations!!! AND getting my christmas tree again this year.

Happy hump day everyone!


A + J

September was a month with many great celebrations. The weekend started early in the morning on Saturday for a birthday/ wine tour getaway with my good friends, we left the city at 9am to the vineyards in Long Island. Then after drinking and running around the vineyards all day, we had another birthday to go that evening… and then on Sunday… there was A + J.

Ariel and Julia came into my life thanks to my boyfriend and I’m forever grateful because this couple is one of the most refreshing, fun, and caring people I know and their wedding was nothing short of this. Every detail had Julia’s touch. The entire wedding was a huge do-it-yourself project with all her closest friends involved. The overall effect?  Its was beautiful and personal. My favorite thing about the wedding was the fact that very time you approached the bar for a drink, you ended up taking a shot with 10 people. So ridiculous and so fun. I don’t remember eating cake.

It was held at My Moon in Brooklyn and it could not have been on a more perfect September day; warm breezy air and sunny skies. Ariel and Julia, I speak for everyone when I say: We love you! Enjoy!!



 Shots with the Bride & Groom

…Shots at the bar…


Enjoy your turkeys!


Conquering the North

I love to travel. So much so that my secret dream is to have Samantha Brown’s job, or better even Anthony Bourdain’s. That said, If I could I would take the opportunity to travel the world and back, no doubt about that.

I’m sitting on the Metro North making my way to White Plains right now. I woke up crack ass early (5am!! 😱) and I have to say that I’m enjoying my little train ride. Got my coffee, got my snackie that’s currently in my belly, and all is well in the world.


The only reason I’m headed to Westchestah is for work, the real fun begins at 5pm when I get picked up by my boy and our friends and we start making our way to The North! Canada, eh? Cannot. Wait.

It will be a good weekend!


Good Things Do Happen in NYC

A lady came into my store the other day and reminded me of what beautiful things can happen in a crazy city like New York. “Oh! You’re the girl with the story” She said. She recognized my confused expression and went on: “Yes, a few weeks ago? The story with the cab driver.” Ahhhh, yes! How could I forget?

People often say that New Yorkers are rude assholes, but chances are that 9 out of 10 times a new Yorker will go out of his/her way to help out a lost tourist. Also, the truth is that 10 out of 10 times we are moody because “hey, you and your entire family are taking up the sidewalk, staring at buildings and shit and I’m running late.”

What the lady reminded me of was something special. NYC cab drivers are a different animal. They are most of the times rude and I can’t say that I have ever had a “good” encounter with any of them. Most times they say shit under their breath if you’re not paying cash and I actually had a horrible altercation with one of them (there were many “fuck you’s” exchanged… Asshole). But this time I was totally caught off guard.

A copule of weekends ago I was running late for work so I hailed a cab. On the way there I was looking at my driver. Older white man with long, snowy white hair in a low pony tail and a fluffy white beard to match, not to mention his funny round glasses. He was wearing a tan parka and all I could imagine him being was a hippie. I know… kinda rude?

When I got to my destination I swiped my debit card. The transaction was taking longer than usual so my driver decided to press something that restarted the meter. I got really annoyed because 1)it was 8am on a Saturday and 2) I just thought “this hippie cab driver, is he high?! …Grrr!!” So I had to borrow cash from my coworker and whatnot….

Hours later I come up from my break and see a man looking around and I think: “Hmm, that man looks a lot like my driver this morning” and sure enough, it was him. Our conversation went a little like this:
Me: Hi sir how are you?
Cabbie: I’m well. Say, would you happen to know the girl that opened this morning?
Me: I knew I recognized you! Yes, it was me.
Cabbie: I believe you had to give me cash because my meter didn’t charge your card. Well, the transaction actually went through. You gave me…. 12 bucks right?
Me: OMG! Yes…. That’s really nice of you!! This is amazing, this never happens!
Lady overhearing conversation: Wait, what just happened??
2nd lady snooping: Yeah, what happened?!

After explaining to the eavesdroppers, they all praised him for the kind gesture and he just shook my hand and went on his merry way. It was a glorious beautiful moment for me that you only really hear about. I’m glad a stranger did me a good deed 🙂 and I guess I’ll never know why he did it. Was he in the neighborhood? Did he finish his shift and decide to come out of his way to give this girl her money back? We’ll never know. I should’ve just asked. I just know that had I seen my statement that month and that charge had been there I would’ve shat on him. Well, I’m glad I didn’t have to.

Happy Saturday everyone 🙂